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About Us

Our Experience


Girl Friday Virtual Office, LLC was born from the philosophy that you can have all the benefits of administrative support and a business management service without breaking your budget.  Maximize your profits while assisting over-worked, stretched, and stressed workers (including yourself) ease their workload. 

Business Management Service


We work with entrepreneurs and growing businesses to get you out of the trenches.  Your needs are unique; we work with you to tailor our business management services to maximize impact.  Our Virtual Assistants provide professional administrative support; saving you time for the better things in life.

What do you need to move off your desk to help you drive more revenue?  Are you spending time on tasks that can be delegated?  

What needs to change so you can focus on your unique area of expertise?

Our business management and project management services offer a cost-effective solution to help your business level-up.

Why Us?


Our team of Virtual Assistants support your growing business so you can focus on customers.  Which of the following best describes your situation?

  • You need to spend more time in front of clients
  • You want to grow your business
  • Your business would grow if you had a project management system in place
  • You need administrative support or a business management service, but don't have the budget for an employee
  • You're losing business because you don't have time to follow up with clients and potential clients
  • You've put off e-mail marketing because it's too time consuming & you don't know where to start
  • You have lists of contacts everywhere, but you're not doing anything with them.